REU Lectures & Slides

  1. Introduction to Software Safety
    Dr. Dennis Frailey [slides] [video]
  2. Software Safety: Process Overview and Application
    Dr. Mike Siok [slides] [video]
  3. Software Architecture Design
    Dr. Mark Paulk [slides I] [slides II]
  4. Requirements Engineering
    Dr. Bhanu Kapoor [slides]
  5. Software Project Planning and Management
    Dr. Janell Straach [slides]
  6. Online Social Network Analysis
    Professor Kamil Sarac [slides]
  7. Secure Coding in C/C++
    Professor Kamil Sarac [slides] [video]
  8. Ethics and Professional Responsibility for CS & SE
    Dr. Janell Straach [slides] [video]
  9. Workshop on Technical Communication
    The Writing Center of UTD [video]
  10. Succeeding in Innovation Leadership
    Ed Reynolds (HP Fellow) [slides]
  11. UML & Object Oriented Analysis & Design
    Dr. Mehra Borazjany [slides I] [slides II]
  12. Cyber-Physical Systems Security
    Professor Alvaro Cardenas [slides]
  13. Reading Materials [download]
    • Chapter 9: Terminology
    • Chapter 13: Hazard Analysis
    • Chapter 14: Hazard Analysis Models and Techniques
    • Chapter 15: Software Hazard and Requirements Analysis
    • Chapter 16: Designing for Safety
    • IEEE Software Magazine on Safety-Critical Software
    • Be More Familiar with Our Enemies and Pave the Way Forward: A Review of the Roles Bugs Played in Software Failures
    • What is undergraduate research and why does it matter?