Welcome to the UTD 2023 REU Summer Program!

The Computer Science Department at the University of Texas at Dallas will conduct a ten-week summer research program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for ten undergraduates from May 19 (Friday) to July 27 (Thursday) 2023. 

The focus is on "software safety and reliability" however, the technology and skills learned by the students have general applicability to research and practice in their future studies.

We provide a close collaboration with our industry partners. In addition to working on assigned research projects at UTD, lectures by practitioners from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company and Argo Data will be arranged to help the students better understand how software safety and reliability is adopted in practice for real-life applications. This also gives students a chance to directly communicate with engineers to receive a first-hand account of work environments and lifestyles in the industry.

We also host special workshops on technical writing and oral presentation to improve students' proficiency in preparing and delivering technical reports. A highlight which provides an overview of our program including research projects, lectures, and field trips is available at YouTube. In addition, videos (along with PowerPoint slide shows) for students' project presentations as well as lectures on software safety, reliability, and technical writing are also posted. The Photo Gallery highlights some activities of our program.

Eligible applicants are those who have an interest in pursuing graduate education, are currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate institution, and are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Incoming seniors will be given preference, but sophomores and juniors with strong academic records will also be considered. Special welcome is extended to students from underrepresented groups (women, minorities, and persons with disabilities) and academic institutions with limited research opportunities. Selected participants will receive a scholarship of $6,000 stipend ($600/week) to conduct research with a faculty member in the Computer Science Department at UTD.

We are grateful to the NSF and the following UTD offices for providing support to this project: Department of Computer Science, Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, and the Office of the Vice President for Research.

The application deadline is March 15, 2023.

Professor Eric Wong
Principal Investigator