Local Transportation

(1)Public transportation:

An adult all-zone pass is $2.05

You can create your own customized route with your own arrival times using the TriMet trip planner: http://www.trimet.org/go/cgi-bin/plantrip.cgi
You want a route between PDX (the airport) and 310 SW Lincoln St in Portland.

There is a direct TriMet light rail train (MAX) from the airport to downtown. You can either take a connecting city bus to near the hotel, or you can walk the 15 or so blocks south to it (our blocks tend to be smaller than the typical city block). The walk is very pleasant in good weather and with minimal luggage. It is approximately 3/4 mile by foot.

Click here for the area map for the hotel.
There are MAX stops along Morrison Street at 3rd and in the Pioneer Place plaza. The hotel is marked with a red star. There are direct pedestrian walkways through the area between Market and Lincoln.


You can find taxi/shuttle options at http://www.flypdx.com/Grnd_Trans.aspx

The Bluestar Shuttle ( http://www.bluestarbus.com/dexpress.html) leaves the airport every 30 minutes and is $14/one way and $24 round-trip to downtown and they will take you directly to the University Place hotel, but they do not run too late without a reservation (approximately 6PM is the last airport pickup).

You can also make an on-line reservation with Green Cab ( http://www.greentrans.com/index.php?Page=3). They also provide wheelchair accessible vans.

(3)Car rental

There are many car rental companies at the Portland Airport. Click here for the mapquest directions for traveling between the airport and the hotel. The hotel charges for parking.