Workshop on Internet of Things (Tuesday, July 25, 2017)

Please join us for a full day workshop devoted to the Internet of Things. At this event you will be exposed to talks that describe what the Internet of Things is all about, why it is an important part of the future, and what are the important ingredients for successful products and services in the IoT space. The talks will cover the many manifestations of IoT and how it is already impacting almost all verticals of the World Economy and growing at a rapid pace in adoption and influence. The talks will cover the IoT landscape and identify trends, who the players are, and what technologies are important.

The vision for IoT is to use common infrastructure to connect individual devices with each other, and with people, in a way where digital data, and analysis drives decision that can be exercised and influenced remotely. Software, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence techniques play a key role and ultimately determine the level of quality, safety, and reliability of IoT products and services. This is particularly important, as more and more critical applications become a part of IoT.

The lineup of speakers includes experts and practitioners who will discuss how IoT is important in their industry, what they see as the ingredients for success, the technical and business challenges, and their views of how the Internet of Things is likely to evolve. In keeping with the theme of the QRS 2017 conference the focus will be on issues of software quality, safety, security, and reliability and how the use of common IoT infrastructure – communications, computing, storage, data and analytics, and systems for remote control of critical functions contribute to the value from IoT.

At the end of the day there will be a moderated panel discussions, with audience participation. It will be devoted to highlighting the key technical, business, and regulatory considerations for IoT deployments and identifying concrete actions that could speed the deployment of IoT offerings and meet the challenges of quality, safety, reliability, security, and scale.

Whether you are an IoT enthusiast, a researcher, a manager, a technologist, a strategist, an administrator, in marketing, or someone working on IoT products and services, you will find this an informative day. You will have a chance to network with your peers and with the experts that are part of this workshop. We also hope that you will get a chance to participate and contribute to the discussion and have some of your questions about IoT answered.

Our speakers and panelists will cover:

  • An IoT Overview
    • All about IoT
    • Software Systems and IoT
    • Eco-Systems for critical functions in IoT
  • Critical IoT Applications
    • Industrial Applications
    • Aerospace Applications
    • Healthcare
  • IoT Technologies
    • Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy
    • Machine Learning
    • Software for Distributed Systems
  • Special Topics
    • Security
    • Testing

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Invited Speakers

Miroslav BuresCzech Technical UniversityCzech Republic [bio]
Adam DrobotOpenTechWorks, IncUSA [bio]
Ernö KovacsNEC Europe LimitedGermany [bio]
Latif LadidUniversity of LuxembourgLuxembourg [bio]
Anika SchumannIBM ResearchSwitzerland [bio]
Marek UjejskiWASKO Capital GroupPoland [bio]
Michael WahlerABB Central Research CenterSwitzerland [bio]

IoT Workshop Organizers

Adam Drobot (Chair)OpenTechWorks, IncUSA
Adam GreenbergIEEE Communications SocietyUSA
William GrossmannGlobal Project DesignGermany
Latif LadidUniversity of LuxembourgLuxembourg
Karen PannulloIEEE Communications SocietyUSA
Lee StognerVincula GroupUSA
W. Eric WongUniversity of Texas at DallasUSA

Schedule and Agenda

09:00am - 09:15amIntroductions and opening remarks
09:15am - 10:30amOverview of IoT
  • Adam Drobot
  • Latif Ladid
10:30am - 10:45amCoffee Break
10:45am - 12:30pmApplications of IoT with Critical Functions
  • Marek Ujejski
  • Ernö Kovacs
12:30pm - 01:30pmLunch
01:30pm - 03:00pmTechnologies for IoT
  • Anika Shumann
  • Michael Wahler
03:00pm - 03:15pmCoffee Break
03:15pm - 04:00pmSpecial Topics for IoT
  • Miroslav Bures
04:00pm - 05:30pmRoundtable Panel Discussion and Wrap-up
05:30pm - 07:00pmReception and Mixer