The First International Software Testing Contest

The First International Software Testing Contest will be held in conjunction with QRS 2017 on July 26. Please click here to download the pdf version of the contest flyer.

Contest Guidelines

All applications have to be submitted before the end of July 20 (CDT). All contestants must bring their own laptops. The contest has two parts:

  • The first part is an 1-hour tutorial in the morning of July 26. During this tutorial, we will help contestants properly configure their laptops, and explain how to use platform. Each contestant is required to have basic knowledge about Java programming and JUnit.

  • The second part is a 3-hour contest where contestants are required to design test cases based on the given specifications to test three Java programs. The quality of these test cases is determined based on the code coverage (statement and branch) and mutation score achieved.

Running Environment

The laptop used for this contest must install the following software:

If you have trouble installing the above software, we will help you set up the environment during the Tutorial session.

How to Apply

Please send emails to Ruizhi Gao if you want to apply for this contest. Please provide your first name, last name, and affiliation in the application email.


A panel of judges will rank all contestants based on their achieved code coverage and mutation score (detailed evaluation criteria is yet to be decided) and select a grand prize winning contestant that will receive $1,200 US dollars. Contestants in the 2nd-3th place will receive $800 and $500. Contestants in the 4th-10th place will receive $300 US dollars. All contestants may receive a cash support according to their travel expenses. The detailed policy is yet to be determined.

Contest Venue

The First International Software Testing Contest will be held at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Information Technology.

Inportant Dates

    July 20, 2017
  Application deadline
    July 26, 2017
  Tutorial & Contest
    July 27, 2017